Mac the Knife

Pirate turned pickpocket turned con man turned organized crime man


|_.Attributes| |Will|5| |Power|4| |Agility|3| |Perception|3| |Forte|4| |Speed|5| |Speed multiplier|4.5| |Resources| 1| |Circles|1| |Health|1| |Reflexes|4| |Steel|7| |Mortal Wound|9|


Falsehood: 6; Sword 3; Persuasion 6; Streetwise: 5; Sailorwise: 2;  Inconspicuous: 4; Slight of hand: 2; Swords 3; Sprinting.


Age: 21 LIfepaths: Sone of a gun, Boy, Pickpocket, Con Man



  • Sea legs
  • Veneer of Obedience
  • Plain Face
  • Aura of Innocence (Call On for falsehood)


  • Superior Arms
  • Reinforced leather
  • Cottage
  • Gear
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Father (pirate)(3)
  • Fence (5)
  • Cousin (Carpeter)


  • 1D affiliation with Father's crew


  • 1D reputation with local beggar's guild.


  1. Regime change is an excellent business oppurunity; I will give peopel what they want for money even if it involves breaking laws.
  2. Convincing people to give me their things is easier than taking them by force; I will try to tlk my out of situations whenever possible
  3. I will get my own pirate boat and return to pirating once I am rich and well known.


  1. Always have a third knife.
  2. Look down on people involved in the establishment.
  3. Listen to the money.



Mac the Knife

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